Welcome to my website. I invite you to take a look around at the things I've made in attempt of making something worth of note.

About Me

I'm Luca. I started coding when I was around 11 or 12, my biggest motivation for learning at the time, and even now, was games. I find video games to be a powerful form of communication, and my dream is to make a game that is not only enjoyable, but also gives insight on what goes on in my mind. I've also recently dabbled a little bit in the tooling side of software development and enjoyed learning its differences in code design with that of games. As much as I love making games, they will always be just my fun hobby outside work. On the other hand, software development outside of games is something I would love working on professionally.


It's weird to think about it, but for a long time I've been involved with the coding community in some way or another. Below is a list of playlists of tutorials/lessons I've made and some handles of where you might find me within the coding/gaming community.

Twitter: @Lucreci0us


Lucrecious on Blenderartists

Luca Duran on Youtube

Python Tutorials

Blender Tutorials

Minecraft Modding Tutorials

Some of these tutorials may not be useful to you guys, but it's always fun to see where people start. That being said, there are a lot of things that I say in those videos that make me cringe, so beware! I still find the Minecraft Modding Tutorial very useful, so if you're into that, go ahead :) Also, I've just recently started on updating my github, so there's not much there - I'm working on it!