Aphtar and Yu TOJam 9

Project Description

This was a game made at TOJam Party Like It's 19 TOJam 9 (TOJam 9). The theme this time around was "After You"(now you can laugh at the pun in the name). The idea was that only one player could shoot bullets, and only one player could make the bullets harmful. This resulted in a co-operative game that forced players to play as a team since each player was only useful with the other. This created an interesting relationship between players. Robot Gaiden was by far the most fun game I had ever made at a TOJam - a fast paced, action packed shooter. Here is the Dropbox link. Sadly, you can only play with two types of joysticks (no keyboard), and you need two of them. So you can only use a combination of Xbox and PS4 controllers. Make sure to read the README first in the folder with the .exe. Here's the github for the python files: Aphtar Yu Source