Faith First Major Project

Project Description

Faith is an RPG/Adventure game I made when I was around 13. The game takes place in a fantasy world in which monsters have taken over. It's your duty to find out the source of these evil incarnations to rid of the evil in the world. I made this with the Blender Game Engine and Python. I was the lead programmer, modeller and animator, but, that said, I had tons of help from the Blender Artist Forum community. Many helped with models, animation, textures, and music.

Faith took a whole year to complete because, after all, this was just a side project. Everyone who was a part of the team had their own lives. We only worked on the project on our free time (which we rarely had). For more information on the project here's a link to the Blender Artist Thread. You can also check out the trailer here. Here is the Dropbox link, if you ever get stuck (because of a bug or glitch), just save the game and reopen!