Shaman Showdown TOJam 5

Project Description

Shaman Showdown game was created at TOJam 5, the second TOJam I ever attended. This was also the last time I had gone with a team. I wanted to show what I could do on my own. Shamon Showdown was my first attempt at multiple input, and me, being very new to coding/programming altogether, barely got everything done within three days. Hoards of monsters are sent from one side to the other in an attempt to destroy the other player's gateway. Both Shaman's can shoot magic to help with defending their gates. There are also two orbs, a red orb and a blue orb. These orbs allow the players to control the magic towers that help with shooting the hoards of monsters. Which ever player loses their gate first loses. Funny story, I actually had to open up the source and look at the tutorial to remember how this game was played. Unlike the other TOJam games, this one will prove a little bit more difficult to update since its code base is so messy.